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Baking Industry Exhibition

American International Baking Industry Exhibition began in 1920 , sponsored by the American Bakers Association (American Bakers Association), BEMA Baking Industry Suppliers Association, the American Institute of Baking Retailers Association (Retail Bakers of America) . Till now, the North American baking industry has been the largest and most comprehensive industry event which attracted participants from all over the world cereal food industry world-class company. American International baking industry Exhibition is famous for baking ExpoSM in the international market, everythinng you can find from raw materials to food processing equipment in the exhibition. In 2010 Baking Exhibition,  from around 28 countries and regions, more than 700 manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials participated in the event , the exhibition area had reached more than 50 million square feet. In the same period of the exhibition , the organizers carefully arranged in large meetings and events , including baking technology , food safety , business management, packaging and techniques and so on. The huge scale and impact of the exhibition attracted totally fifty thousand professional visitors from the United States and other regions.

Our cohesive team participated in the exhibition.

We were shocked by the grand exhibition, so many fondant cake professional makers and fondant cake lovers there. We met many customers of ours and talked more about our fondant cake decorations. What we did would be great help for our further cooperation. We gained great success in the exhibition and this was a very meaningful participation for us.





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